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Three Rivers Wholesale
1020 West Saw Mill Run Blvd.
Pittsburgh, PA 15220
Phone: (412) 488-9200
Fax: (412) 488-9209

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Specials and Warehouse Overstock

Lockers Inventory Clearance Sale

We have 2,500 lockers in overstock & ready to ship now

Sometimes jobs go sideways and perfectly good lockers or shelving gets returned. Perhaps a color was wrong or a customer ordered too many lockers.

Whatever the case may be, we have plenty of overstock and deeply discounted lockers in our 20,000 square foot warehouse. Below is a curent list of lockers available at truly blowout prices. If you need lockers but are on a limited budget, here's your opportunity to get new lockers at below wholesale prices.

TRW Locker Overstock Sale
We currently have the following lockers in stock and ready to ship in our Pittsburgh warehouse.
All prices are KD (unassembled); KD lockers ship within 48 hours of order placement.
Lockers are without legs unless noted otherwise.
List updated December 03, 2010
12" x 12" x 72" Single tier locker, recessed handle, door stiffener "quiet" locker Black $65.00 150
12" x 12" x 36"/72" Double tier locker Gray $68.00 50
12" x 15" x 72" Single tier locker Gray $60.00 30
12" x 18" x 36"/72" Double tier locker Putty $73.00 50
12" x 12" x 60" Penco single tier locker Blue $55.00 30
18" x 18" x 72" Single tier locker Gray $80.00 SOLD OUT
18" x 18" x 72" Single tier locker Putty $80.00 115
9" x 15" x 60" Single tier locker White $40.00 SOLD OUT
9" x 15" x 60" Single tier locker Putty $40.00 SOLD OUT
15" x 15" x 30"/60" Double tier locker Champagne $95.00 SOLD OUT
9.5" x 1.5" x 96" Plastic Locker Benches (pedestals not included but available; buy all the benches and we'll throw in the pedestal bases for free) Blue $50.00 30
18" x 18" x 36"/72" Double tier lockers, heavy-duty athletic style, perforated doors and sides; hoods & trim available Gray $85.00 70
12" x 18" x 12"/72" Six tier lockers Gray $73.00 36
12" x 18" x 12"/72" Six tier lockers Putty $73.00 SOLD OUT
12" x 12" x 15"/60" 4 tier Penco locker Blue $45.00 30
15" x 15" x 30"/60" Red $45.00 12
15" x 15" x 30"/60" Double tier locker Green $45.00 9
12" x 12" x 72" Six tier locker Champagne $70.00 50
All the above lockers are FOB Pittsburgh, PA 15220.
On-site assembly & installation service available.
Overstock inventory is first-come, first-served; availablity subject to change without notice.
The photo doesn't do these lockers justice (try taking a picture of steel painted black). We have 500 of these lockers ready to ship KD or pre-assemble for you.

Featured Special: single-tier 12x12x72 black lockers (Keystone Lockers)

We have approximately 500 of these lockers in our warehouse and ready to go. The doors are constructed of 14 gauge steel and have door stiffeners that add stability and a "quiet locker" element. They have recessed handles and have a very nice black finish, inside and out.

The lockers are currently KD. If you want the lockers assembled, add three to five business days.

These lockers are as low as $65 per frame. Call us at (800) 859-8235 for more details on these lockers or to request a quote.

Casters for sale


It's a long story, but we happen to have three full pallets of new casters in our Pittsburgh warehouse we're looking to unload.

The casters are of all types, rubber, steel, large, small. Some are assembled, most are not. If you need casters, give us a call at (800) 859-8235 and Dave or John will fill you in on exactly what we have. Make a reasonable offer for the whole lot and you'll get a phenominal deal. Again, call for details--but we'd really love to get rid of these casters and make room for new product.