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Free assemly on Keystone Lockers through December 31, 2009


On all Keystone Lockers

for orders placed before March 31, 2010

Want to save a lot of money on your locker order? Avoid the headaches involved with assembling lockers yourself--we'll assemble your Keystone Lockers for FREE.

Let us know what lockers you need by requesting a locker quotation or by selecting Keystone products from our on-line catalog. Choose "assembled" when promted for type of locker assembly configuration. We'll then provide you with a custom locker quotation for your assembled lockers at our unassembled lockers price.

You'll save between $12 and $18 a locker frame--but you have to order your Keystone Lockers before March 31. This special and limited-time offer applies to all Keystone models, whether single tier, double tier, five tier, six tier, 16-person lockers, heavy duty ventilated lockers or open-face sports lockers. Free assembly does not apply to our special or overstock lockers.

The term "Free" is overused these days. But this offer is real. We'll provide you with our usual deep discounts and assemble your lockers for you at no additional charge. Bear in mind that assembled lockers ship class 125 while KD lockers ship class 70, so you'll pay a little more for assembled freight but will save substantially on the product. Plus you'll be able to simply unload your lockers, line them up in their final resting place and fasten them together. You will save a lot of time and money with this special offer.

Make sure you get your order in soon so you qualify for our special free locker assembly price. We look forward to hearing from you.